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Holographic LED Screen
hologram led screen
3d hologram led display

Transparent Hologram LED Screen

The Hologram LED Screen represents a groundbreaking advancement in transparent LED technology, boasting features such as ultra-thin design, high-definition display, exceptional brightness, and remarkable transparency. When playing holographic or 3D videos, the viewer experiences a seamless integration between the scenes depicted and the physical screen, resulting in a compelling three-dimensional effect that appears to suspend in space. This is made possible through the incorporation of naked-eye 3D technology, enabling smooth transitions between transparent, standard, holographic, and naked-eye 3D video formats, thereby delivering an unparalleled level of realism in visual presentations.

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Holographic LED Screen employs self-developed innovative drive mode andproduct architecture and, under the design concept of “daylighting" ,"transparent”and"environmentally friendly" , takes the drive design with ultra-low static power consumption asthe core technological breakthrough, and is characterized by ultra-thin, high-definition, highbrightness and high transparency. lt can be directly adsorbed on a transparent glass in amodular way, with transmittance more than 80%. When holographic video or 3D video is played.the holographic screen presents its own bare-eye VR visual effect. Hologram LED Display arewidely found in consumer electronics applications such as urban landscape lighting, smarthome,smart charging,security communication,industrial control, commercial display, etc.

Transparent Hologram Led Screen Instruction Manual Document Download

Model P3 P6
Pixel pitch (mm) Equal spacing : P3.91 / P3.91 Equal spacing : P6.25 / P6.25
Transparency 80% 90%
Pixel Density (dot/ m²) 65536 25600
Module Size (mm) 250×1000 / 250×1200 250×1200 / 250×1500
Module Resolution(dot) 64×256 / 64×300 40X192 / 40X240
Weight (Kg/ ㎡) 6 5
Brightness (CD/ m²) ≥ 4000 ≥ 5000
Encapsulation Form Light driver integrated encapsulation
Scan Method Single point single control, static drive
Lamp working life ≥ 10 Hours
Gray scale 65536 (bit)
Max. Power Consumption 800(W/ m²)
Average Power Consumption 200(W/ m²)
LED Control system Synchronous or Asynchronous
Input Voltage AC100~240V 50/60 Hz
Module working voltage DC 4.2V ± 0.2V

The Transparent Hologram LED Screen can display videos with transparent backgrounds, standard videos, and 3D videos without limitations in content. It finds applications in various fields such as commercial windows, curtain walls, exhibition halls, creative displays, leisure travel, and automotive showrooms.
The Hologram LED Screen differs from traditional transparent screens due to its ultra-thin build, high-definition display, high brightness, and high transparency. When showcasing panoramic or 3D videos, the human eye naturally merges the scene behind the screen with the images on the screen, creating a compelling three-dimensional effect.
The 3D LED Hologram Display appears invisible when turned off, as it becomes transparent without any physical presence. Moreover, it utilizes built-in light-controlled LEDs to emit light independently. Given these features, it could be aptly termed as an "Invisible LED Display."
Characterized by its thin and lightweight design, the holographic LED screen resembles a mobile phone film. Its size can be customized according to specific requirements, allowing it to be seamlessly affixed onto glass surfaces. Additionally, it can be mounted with an oolong skeleton and connected to power at the corners.

3d hologram led display

The Transparent Hologram LED Screen does not require a supporting structure for installation, yet it maintains stable display functionality. Additionally, the screen is not segmented into grid cells, offering complete transparency. With a thickness of less than 2mm and a weight of approximately 6kg per square meter (excluding the power supply weight), it is both lightweight and thin. It is also flexible and creative, allowing for bending, trimming, and seamless integration with transparent glass surfaces.

With exclusive patented IC, high driving power, high quality materials and modern technology, the sensory transmission rate of all products in this series exceeds 80%, with the number of Pixels are 4 to 5 times higher than other products of the same size on the market, no obvious meshing phenomenon, even when viewed with the naked eye from a distance of more than 3 meters, pixels cannot be seen. , providing vivid clarity and brightness.
Transparent Hologram LED Screen

Transparent Hologram LED Display

With its delicate and transparent structural design, the Transparent Hologram LED Screen seamlessly merges the landscape in front and behind the screen with the displayed image, yielding an awe-inspiring three-dimensional floating effect. This product excels not only in showcasing standard video content but also boasts remarkable capabilities in rendering top-tier 3D visuals, all while maintaining an expansive viewing angle.

Customers can choose the number of screens to suit their needs, pair the DIY modules together, connect the control unit at the corner of the screen, making the installation of the display very easy. In addition, the screen can control each pixel separately, if lamp A is damaged, it will not affect lamp B. Therefore, the repair is very convenient, just replace the damaged lamp with a new one.
3D LED Hologram Display






3D LED Hologram Display
Transparent Hologram LED Screen

Holographic LED Screen

The Holographic LED Screen feature is “thin and light”, easy to install, the whole screen is like a mobile phone film, the size can be customized according to the actual situation, directly attached to the glass, and the power is connected to the corner to achieve the playback screen of the LED screen Effect, and with its own naked-eye 3D technology, transparent video, ordinary video, holographic video and naked-eye 3D video can be seamlessly connected to present a more realistic picture, and it is fully transparent and invisible after the screen is turned off, without a sense of physical presence, presenting a high quality visual experience.The Holographic LED Screen adopts the design of combining the lamp and the driver.The flexible polymer material on the lamp bead surface and the 3M transparent epoxy resin glue can be completely bonded, and the material is resistant to high temperature. resistant to ultraviolet light, so it is more suitable for direct sunlight scenes.

People also ask


Are Holographic Screens Possible?

Yes, holographic screens are possible and are actively being researched and developed. Holographic displays create three-dimensional images by diffracting light to simulate the appearance of objects floating in space. They offer potential benefits in various fields such as entertainment, medical imaging, education, and design. While current technology has limitations, advancements continue to be made, bringing us closer to practical applications of holographic screens.


What Are The Advantages Of Holographic Display?

Holographic displays offer several advantages over traditional flat screens:
True 3D Representation: Holographic displays create true three-dimensional images that appear to float in space, providing a more immersive viewing experience compared to 2D screens.
Depth Perception: With holographic displays, viewers can perceive depth in the images, allowing for a more natural and intuitive interaction with the content.
No Need for Special Glasses: Unlike some 3D technologies that require viewers to wear special glasses, holographic displays can be viewed without any additional equipment, making them more convenient and user-friendly.
Multiple Viewpoints: Holographic displays can be viewed from different angles, allowing multiple viewers to see the 3D images simultaneously without any loss of quality.
High Resolution: Modern holographic display technologies offer high-resolution images, enabling detailed and lifelike representations of objects and scenes.
Versatility: Holographic displays can be used in various applications, including entertainment, education, medical imaging, engineering design, and more, due to their ability to create compelling and realistic 3D visuals.
Attention-Grabbing: Holographic displays have a unique visual appeal that can attract attention and engage audiences effectively, making them ideal for advertising and marketing purposes.
Future Potential: As holographic display technology continues to advance, there's potential for even more impressive features and applications, including holographic telepresence, interactive gaming, and augmented reality experiences.

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