P3 LED Display
P3 LED Display
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P3 LED Display

P3 LED Display refers to an LED screen with a pixel pitch of 3mm. smaller pixel pitch generally means higher resolution and image clarity, as there are more pixels per unit area, allowing for finer details and smoother images. P3 LED Screen are commonly used in indoor environments where closer viewing distances are typical, such as retail spaces, conference rooms, control rooms, and indoor stages for concerts or events. They provide vibrant colors, high brightness, and excellent visibility even in well-lit indoor settings.

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Product Description

The P3 LED screen is a cutting-edge display technology designed to deliver stunning visual experiences with high resolution and exceptional clarity. With its advanced features and versatile applications, the P3 LED Display sets new standards in the realm of digital signage and visual communication.
P3 LED Screen

Model RS-P3.91 RL-P3.91
Pixel spacing L(3.91mm)W(3.91mm) L(3.91mm)W(3.91mm)
Pixel density 65536 points /㎡ 65536 points /㎡
Module size 1000mm*250mm 1500mm*250mm
LED light 1515(light drive in one) 1515(light drive in one)
Breakpoint continuation
Thickness 1-3mm 1-3mm
Power Consumption Avg:200W/㎡,Max:600W/㎡ Avg:200W/㎡,Max:600W/㎡
Weight Less than3kg/㎡ Less than3kg/㎡
Permeability >80% >80%
Life span >100,000 >100,000
Power supply requirement 220V±10%;AC50HZ,Three-phase five-wire 220V±10%;AC50HZ,Three-phase five-wire
Brightness White balance brightness 2000-4500cd/㎡;
automatic and manual adjustment according to ambient brightness
White balance brightness 2000-4500cd/㎡;
automatic and manual adjustment according to ambient brightness
Angle of view H160,V140 H160,V140
Grayscale level ≥16(bit) ≥16(bit)
Color Temperature 5500K-15000K(Adjustable) 5500K-15000K(Adjustable)
Drive mode static state static state
Attenuation rate Less than 0.05% in 2 years Less than 0.05% in 2 years
Refresh rate >3840HZ >3840HZ
MTBF > 10000H > 10000H
LED bead failure rate less than one ten thousandth and is discretely distributed less than one ten thousandth and is discretely distributed
Control system Colorlight/Nova Synchronous/Asynchronous Colorlight/Nova Synchronous/Asynchronous
Use environment ◆Working environment:-10~+65℃/10~90%RH
◆Storage environment:-40~+85℃/10~90%RH
◆Working environment:-10~+65℃/10~90%RH
◆Storage environment:-40~+85℃/10~90%RH
Installation mode Mounting, lifting, fixing, support any size cutting, bending Mounting, lifting, fixing, support any size cutting, bending

P3 LED Wall

High Resolution: The P3 LED Wall boasts an impressive pixel pitch of 3mm, ensuring sharp image quality and vibrant colors. This high resolution makes it ideal for applications where clarity and detail are paramount.

P3 LED Video Wall

Seamless Integration: Featuring a slim and lightweight design, the P3 LED Video Wall can be seamlessly integrated into various environments, including retail spaces, corporate settings, event venues, and more. Its modular construction allows for easy installation and customization to suit specific requirements.

P3 LED Panel

Superior Performance: Equipped with advanced LED technology, the P3 LED Panel delivers superior performance with high brightness and contrast levels, ensuring excellent visibility even in brightly lit conditions. This makes it perfect for outdoor installations as well as indoor environments with variable lighting conditions.

P3 Indoor LED Display

Dynamic Content Display: With support for dynamic content formats such as videos, animations, and interactive graphics, the P3 Indoor LED Display enables engaging and immersive visual experiences. Whether used for advertising, information display, or entertainment purposes, it captivates audiences and enhances brand visibility.

LED P3 Indoor

Energy Efficiency: The LED P3 Indoor is energy-efficient, consuming less power compared to traditional display systems while delivering superior performance. This not only reduces operational costs but also contributes to sustainability efforts.

P3.91 LED Screen

Remote Management: Integrated with advanced control systems, the P3.91 LED Screen allows for remote monitoring and management, enabling seamless content updates and troubleshooting. This enhances operational efficiency and ensures continuous uptime.
The P3.91 Transparent Hologram LED Screen is an innovative display technology that combines transparent LED screens with holographic effects. It's designed to create captivating visual experiences by projecting images or videos onto a transparent surface while maintaining visibility through the screen. This technology is often used in retail settings, museums, exhibitions, and other public spaces to attract attention and engage audiences with immersive content.

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

Applications For P3 LED Screen:

P3.91 LED Display

Retail Environments: Use the P3.91 LED Display to create captivating storefront displays, promotional signage, and interactive product showcases that attract and engage customers.

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

Corporate Settings: Enhance communication and collaboration in boardrooms, lobbies, and conference spaces with the P3.91 Indoor LED Screen, ideal for presentations, branding, and information dissemination.

P3 Outdoor LED Screen

Event Venues: Elevate event experiences with large-scale P3 Outdoor LED Screen for stage backdrops, digital signage, and immersive visual effects that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

P3 Outdoor LED Display

Transportation Hubs: Provide real-time information, advertising, and wayfinding solutions in airports, train stations, and bus terminals using the P3 Outdoor LED Display, enhancing passenger experience and efficiency.

P3.91 Outdoor LED Display

The P3.91 Outdoor LED Display represents the pinnacle of display technology, combining high resolution, superior performance, and versatile applications to deliver unparalleled visual experiences. Whether used for advertising, branding, information display, or entertainment, it captivates audiences and elevates the impact of digital communication. With its advanced features and seamless integration, the P3 LED Display is the preferred choice for businesses and organizations seeking to make a lasting impression in today's dynamic digital landscape.

People also ask


What Is P3 LED Screen?

P3 LED screen refers to an LED display system that has a pixel pitch of 3 millimeters. Pixel pitch refers to the distance between the centers of adjacent pixels on an LED display panel. A smaller pixel pitch typically indicates higher resolution and better image quality, as it allows for tighter pixel density. P3 LED Display are often used for indoor applications where closer viewing distances are common, such as in retail spaces, conference rooms, control rooms, and indoor advertising displays. They can also be used outdoors for certain applications where higher resolution is required, though outdoor displays often have larger pixel pitches due to the viewing distances involved.


What Is The Difference Between P3 And P6 LED Screens?

P3 and P6 LED Screen differ primarily in their pixel pitch, which refers to the distance between the centers of adjacent pixels. Here's a breakdown of the key differences:

Pixel Pitch:
P3 Screen have a smaller pixel pitch compared to P6 screens. This means that P3 screens have pixels that are closer together, resulting in higher pixel density and potentially sharper images, especially when viewed up close.
P6 screens have a larger pixel pitch, meaning the pixels are spaced farther apart. While this might result in slightly lower pixel density and potentially less sharp images compared to P3 screens, P6 screens can still deliver high-quality visuals, especially when viewed from a distance.

Due to the smaller pixel pitch, P3 screens typically have higher resolution compared to P6 screens for displays of the same size. This higher resolution allows for more detailed and crisp images and text.
P6 screens, with their larger pixel pitch, may have lower resolution compared to P3 screens for displays of the same size. However, they can still provide satisfactory image quality, especially for applications where viewing distance is greater.

Viewing Distance:
P3 screens are often suitable for applications where viewers will be relatively close to the screen, such as indoor environments or events where the audience is nearby. They excel in scenarios where high-resolution and close viewing are important.
P6 screens are typically used in situations where viewers will be at a moderate to long distance from the screen, such as outdoor advertising or large indoor venues. While they may not have the same level of detail as P3 screens up close, they are more cost-effective and still offer good visibility from a distance.

Generally, P3 screens tend to be more expensive than P6 screens due to the higher pixel density and potentially more complex manufacturing processes required to achieve finer pixel pitch.
Ultimately, the choice between P3 and P6 LED screens depends on factors such as budget, viewing distance, desired image quality, and specific application requirements.

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