Self-Adhesive Transparent LED Display Film
self adhesive transparent led display film

Self-Adhesive Transparent LED Display Film

The Self-Adhesive Transparent LED Display Film features high transparency, allowing for seamless integration into various surfaces. Its adhesive backing simplifies installation on glass, acrylic, or other transparent materials. With vibrant colors and dynamic visuals, it enhances advertising and display experiences. The film is lightweight and flexible, enabling versatile application in retail, events, and architectural settings. Its durability ensures long-term performance, making it an ideal choice for innovative digital signage solutions.

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Product Description

High Transparency
The self-adhesive transparent LED display film boasts a remarkable transparency of 90%-95%, ensuring that the glass remains prominently visible even after installation. When the LED is switched off, the film seamlessly blends in with the glass, maintaining a sleek appearance.

transparent LED display film High Transparency

Vivid Color Reproduction
With a pixel pitch ranging from 6 to 20 mm, the display film delivers vibrant colors, allowing for the display of videos or images with a wide range of color combinations.

self-adhesive transparent LED display film Vivid Color Reproduction

Easy Installation
Thanks to its self-adhesive nature, the transparent LED film can be effortlessly attached to existing window glass surfaces without the need for complex construction processes.

adhesive transparent LED display film Easy Installation

Versatile and Flexible
The size and layout of the display film can be customized to suit the installation area. It offers superb expandability, allowing for the addition of more films either vertically or horizontally, or cutting in parallel with the bezel to meet specific size requirements.

Support for Curved Formats
The transparent LED film supports concave curvatures of up to 1,100R, enabling its use in convex curved glass or window applications. This versatility allows for the transformation of a wide range of venues into iconic landmarks.

transparent LED display Support for Curved Formats & Versatile and Flexible

System Connection
Self-Adhesive Transparent LED Display Film System Connection
Self-Adhesive Transparent LED Display Film DATA SHEET
MODEL P6.25 P8 P10 P15 P20
Module size (mm) 1000*400 1000*400 1000*400 990*390 1000*400
LED light REE1515 REE1515 REE1515 REE2121 REE2121
Pixel composition R1G1B1 R1G1B1 R1G1B1 R1G1B1 R1G1B1
Pixel spacing (mm) 6.25*6.25 8*8 10*10 15*15 20*20
Module pixel 160*64=10240 125*50=6250 100*40=4000 66*26=1716 50*20=1000
Pixel/m2 25600 16500 10000 4356 2500
Brightness 2000-3000 cd/m² 2000-3000 cd/m² 2000-4000 cd/m² 2000-4000 cd/m² 2000-4000 cd/m²
Permeability 90% 92% 94% 94% 95%
Angle of view ° 160 ° 160 ° 160 ° 160 ° 160 °
Input voltage AC110-240V50/ 60Hz AC110-240V50/ 60Hz AC110-240V50/ 60Hz AC110-240V50/ 60Hz AC110-240V50/ 60Hz
Peak power 600w/ 600w/ 600w/ 600w/ 600w/
Average power 200w/ 200w/ 200w/ 200w/ 200w/
Work environment Temperature -20~55°C
Humidity 10-90%
Temperature -20~55°C
Humidity 10-90%
Temperature -20~55°C
Humidity 10-90%
Temperature -20~55°C
Humidity 10-90%
Temperature -20~55°C
Humidity 10-90%
Weight 1.3kg 1.3kg 1.3kg 1.3kg 1.3kg
Thickness 2.5mm 2.5mm 2.5mm 2.5mm 2.5mm
Drive mode Static state Static state Static state Static state Static state
Control system Nova/Colorlight Nova/Colorlight Nova/Colorlight Nova/Colorlight Nova/Colorlight
Typical value of life 100000H 100000H 100000H 100000H 100000H
Grayscale level 16bit 16bit 16bit 16bit 16bit
Refresh rate 3840 Hz 3840 Hz 3840 Hz 3840 Hz 3840 Hz

People also ask


What is Self-Adhesive Transparent LED Display Film?

Self-adhesive transparent LED display film is a type of technology that combines transparent LED screens with adhesive properties, allowing it to be easily applied to various surfaces such as glass windows, acrylic panels, or even walls. This film is made up of tiny LED pixels embedded within a transparent substrate, which enables it to display images and videos while still allowing light to pass through.
The transparent nature of the display film means that it can be integrated seamlessly into existing architectural elements without obstructing the view. It's often used for advertising, information display, or decorative purposes in retail stores, museums, airports, and other public spaces where a dynamic and eye-catching display is desired.
The self-adhesive feature simplifies installation, eliminating the need for complicated mounting structures or frames. Additionally, these displays can be controlled remotely, allowing for easy content updates and scheduling.

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